Will we ever be able to use All cards off campus?

Warren Kraft

Staff Reporter

McDaniel administration is revamping its ID card system. One of the possible changes could be allowing students to use the card to purchase food at off campus restaurants.

For years McDaniel has attempted to get local businesses interested in buying the card readers that would allow students to use their all-cards rather than paying cash. It never worked out because the equipment was quite expensive and the local businesses did not see any advantages, according to Ethan Seidel, Administration and Finance Vice President. With technological advances and the drop in the price of the equipment, many students hope that the college will revaluate they the viability of an all-card system that reaches out to businesses beyond The Hill.

The possibility that McDaniel students can use their all-cards off campus is not far from a reality.

Seidel and his team are working to revamp McDaniel’s card system and they are also looking into one of Nu-Visions newest systems which allows students to order food from on and off campus locations via the internet.

“The timing is very good, we are at the point where we need to update our system, which would make it easy to sort of dovetail into more options, especially if there is merchant interest,” Seidel explained.

Westminster has a plethora of delectable eateries that students frequent on a regular basis. For example, Bunky, the owner of Mustangs Pizza, which opened in August 2010, is just one local business owner who has been urging the McDaniel administration to allow students to pay for their meals with their all-cards.

“I would even give McDaniel 2% of every purchase made with a students all-card,” Bunky explained.

“McDaniel has been working for years to try to find ways to get the students involved in the community,” said owner of Harry’s Grille, Mr. Harry Sirinakis. “This is a tangeable way to get them involved via dollars and cents.”

Ty Wittlesburger, a junior at McDaniel, stated, “It would make perfect sense for the administration to update the all-card system so that students can use their meals, or some sort of dining plan at these off campus businesses.”

Many small colleges across America allow their students to use their all-cards off campus. For instance Goucher College students can use their cards at a number of restaurants and local businesses, such as, Chipotle, Dominos, Smoothie King, Texaco, Tropical Tanning Center, and many more.

“The one-card is not just used at Goucher, it is used at over 400 colleges and universities all over the US,” said Andrea Heymann, a Goucher student. “I would firmly advocate for the administration at McDaniel to look into allowing the all-card to be used at off campus merchants.”

“With my schedule it is hard to get to glar for my meals,” said Freshman Matt Leitner. “It would be awesome if places around McDaniel like Mustangs, Subway, Chic-fil-a, etc. would accept our all-cards. It would be so nice to be able to eat on my time and to have more of a variety.”