Gun case closed, details still unclear

Cullen Murray-Kemp

Staff Reporter

The incident occurring in the early morning hours of Oct. 15 between former McDaniel Football coach Jimmy Williams and four McDaniel students is “legally: case closed,” according to Detective Jeffrey Schuster of the Westminster Police.

Though closed – details about the case remain murky. Free Press attempts to unearth details have been fruitless to date.

The incident was first brought to the attention of McDaniel students via campus security alert on the morning of Oct. 15. Since that night, two stories in the McDaniel College newspaper have been printed along with a follow-up campus security alert email, all accompanied by endless rumors running throughout the McDaniel community.

Westminster Police denied staff reporters a copy of the incident report upon reporter request. The Free Press filed an FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) to the Westminster Police Department in order to legally obtain the incident report, but Maryland Law allows a 7-10 day time period for the report to be turned over to the press.

One McDaniel student who was involved with the issue was told by Detective Shuster that although the case was closed “the report was not finished yet.”

After news of the incident hit campus Jimmy Williams was forced to resign from his position as defensive back coach of the Football team. Coach Williams spoke to the team, apologizing for the distractions and unwanted attention he had brought to the program.

Prior to the incident the team had a winning record of 4-1. Since the Williams incident the team won only one game and lost four, leaving the Terror with an overall .500 record of 5-5.

Since leaving McDaniel Coach Williams has recently inquired about potential coaching opportunities and other ways to work with the football community.

According to coach David Huryk of the Bel Aire high school football program, “Jimmy Williams recently inquired about speaking to the team on athletic collegiate readiness this past Friday (Nov. 12).”

Further efforts have been made by the Free Press to contact Coach Williams, but were not responded to by the press time.