The Lighter Side of Campus Safety

Not sure if any of you were aware or not, but McDaniel College has been out of power for most of the past week. Just thought I’d let you know. Despite the outage, however, there were still a number of citations and incident over the past week that made their way into the Department of Campus Safety’s report.

Residents of Rouzer Hall take the gold medal this week, earning themselves almost all of the documentations over the past seven days. For starters, there were a number of citations for possession of marijuana. In case students aren’t aware, any amount of illegal substances – even as little as a seed, says Mike Webster – automatically gets reported to Westminster Police Department. So it’s a big deal. Each of these cases has been closed by Campus Safety but is still pending a court decision.

Though the police were not called for this incident, another Rouzer student was caught with alcohol under the age of 21. Not only that, but the same thing happened in Whiteford: someone was caught underage with some booze.

A student was charged with disorderly conduct and harassment last week. I’m guessing someone was upset about something and just went off on someone else. Not cool. Guess where this happened. If you said Blanche, you’re wrong. It was Rouzer. Bunch o’ rascals over there, am I right?

All right, all right. Enough beating up on Rouzer students. Let’s hop over to North Village. I’m not going to say which, but one North Village apartment set off its fire alarm TWICE in the past week. What’s worse than one fire alarm call in a week? TWO fire alarm calls in a week. I asked Mr. Webster if there was any sort of punishment or reprimanding for setting off the smoke detectors. He said no, but that they should do something. ‘Cuz think about it: it costs time and money to respond to every one of those alarms.

Lastly, in the Garden Apartments parking lot, a Campus Safety officer found some marijuana on the ground. Just… laying there, all sad and alone. Probably cold and looking for a home. Either way, it’s gone now and no one was linked to it. So in the end I conclude that either someone was really clumsy or there was a ghost on this campus trying to get a little blazed.

Stay warm and under the lights this weekend, people. See you next week.