The Lighter Side of Campus Safety

Man, we had a dark, violent week on campus. Let’s dive right in.

A bunch of rebels on campus were disturbing the peace, harassing others and assaulting fellow students. Someone in Rouzer was reported for the harassment of a fellow Rouzer-ite and apparently doing it so loudly and obnoxiously that it involved a number of others. In North Village the same thing happened in the wee hours of twilight one day.

In one of the Pennsylvania Avenue campus houses we had a report of a student sexually harassing a peer and also being in possession of an illegal knife while doing so. No punch line needed here.

There was an open alcohol citation given in North Village, which is totally understandable because there’s nothing more relaxing in the middle of February than sitting outside in a lawn chair with my feet up and sipping on a homemade cocktail.

Also in North Village officers responded to a call about someone being a little out of control. Confronting this student evolved into a disorderly conduct situation as well as the much dreaded and hard-to-avoid citation of “failure to provide an ID.”

A fair amount of severe vandalism occurred in the last week. Twice it happened in and around Rouzer, including damage to the building itself as well as a nearby car. Another car near Whiteford wound up vandalized as well.

One report of larceny in Blanche was reported to Campus Safety. That mystery remains unsolved.

On the bright side, there was only one call for cooking smoke in North Village this week! So we’re making progress.