Lighter Side

“I hope I don’t have to fight this guy.”

On August 2nd, the manifestation of a classic literary character made his way onto the McDaniel campus and proved the Baltimore has the toughest of all football teams.

A modern version of Lennie from Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men appeared at Ravens camp. The 6’4”, 340 pound leviathan ran onto the practice field. He claimed the Ravens were “his boys” and was under the impression that Coach Billick offered him a shot to walk-on to the team.

Unlike the literary version, this Lennie did not covet soft things like mice and rabbits (if that was the case, he would have chosen Philadelphia). He loved hard, vicious, and nasty soldiers of the gridiron.

Ravens camp in Westminster offered him the biggest abundance of such entities. He decided on the Ravens and deliberately avoided the other pansy NFL teams.

According to Campus Safety, the goliath of a man was obviously quite crazy but far from a harmless simpleton. His staggering stature intimidated the most intimidating of Campus Safety Officers.

Officer Chris Collins (the one who looks like he can break people in half) was the first to confront the lunatic and felt admittedly uncomfortable.

He tried distracting Lennie with small talk and after long last convinced him to leave the field.

I shouldn’t have to point out how difficult this must have been.

Let alone trying to avoid an accidental crushed head or broken neck, convincing a crazy guy to change his mind must be harder than persuading Campus Safety that you’re 21.

Nonetheless, Lennie toddled away with a trespassing violation. I say God bless you Lennie. Your choice provides an irrefutable argument of why the

Ravens will win the Super Bowl.

The Steelers suck.