Where in Westminster?

Photo courtesy of Krystina Shultz

Photo courtesy of Krystina Shultz

I have to say, this is quite the button! Who knew it would look so simple? I would have thought it would at least be a color reflecting danger such as red, orange, or yellow with green stripes.

Does the arrow mean anything? Maybe it’s pointing us to the right new-born universe, sun-eating wolf, mirror of illusions or last piece of pizza.

Still, here it is, the button that will destroy this reality, black out everything, flash the blue screen of death, and suddenly Clippy will appear to ask if you need help.

Spring has arrived, and very soon we’ll all be pushing the reboot button, ending our lives as everyday college students and venturing into an alternate universe as galactic summer warriors.

This one’s for all of you seniors: good luck rebooting your universes as you cosmically rearrange your lives from that of a college kid to who knows what.

The first person to find and push this button will destroy the known universe and receive a free latte from the no-longer-existent Budapest Cafe. Email kis001@mcdaniel.edu where this picture was taken!