I Believe

Casey Roberds

Nicole Penansky



“I believe in laughing. I believe in treating others how you want to be treated. I believe in family dinners. I believe that every girl should be treated like a princess. I believe in school spirit.I believe being left handed is the best.”





“I believe in an 18 hour drive, just to see your grandmother for six hours during Spring Break.”  Joe Klepper


Stephanie Glassick



“I believe in family, an unexpected hug, prayer, soccer, our generation is able to change the world, every girl deserves to be treated like a princess, honesty, Smirnoff ice, a phone call, and Romans 8:39.”




“I believe in my own physical abilities as an athlete; my body will not restrict my passion to compete. I believe in taking the game winning shot, only to find out the result a second later. I believe in  my family and our ability to comfort each other in the time of need. I believe that they will be there for me even after I commit a ridiculous act. I believe in achieving the perfect balance between doing what is right and having fun similar to the line that divides being confident and being cocky.”  Kyle Hunter


Casey Roberds

“I believe in surprise romantic dinners, button down black shirts and a well groomed face. I believe in small pecks on the cheek and hand holding in the car. I believe in long kisses for the nights goodbye, yet one more as you walk away to stay one minute longer. I believe in sweet texts and cute smiley’s that make your heart sing. I believe in goodnight, sweet dreams, and I love yous. I believe in falling asleep to the thought of you, and waking up to a good morning, with your smile as my sun, and your breath as my day.”