The memes are about us and we support them.

Every time we log on, talk about them, react to them, we give them power.

These disgusting anonymous expressions, which predominantly hate on individual people and groups, have caught on like an STI. It itches, it burns, people are threatened by them, and if you’re not careful you’ll have one soon.

Although it’s been painfully disappointing to see how people have been attacked on the Green Terror Meme in any way, I want to focus specifically on the sexual harassment expressed on the site.

It seems that the sexual harassment can be broken down by target type—sorority girls, individuals without specific campus affiliations, and McDaniel women as a general entity.

All the sororities have been targeted sufficiently, but Phi Mu girls have really been treated brutally on the memes. By the time that the meme count reached 1203, I counted over 25 as degrading sororities on the first 6 pages, and 70 percent of these were aimed at Phi Mus. And I don’t even like math.

One that summarizes the general attitude toward this specific sorority is “Sisters of Phi Mu…biggest cockblocks since castration.” This meme type suggests that there is something intrinsically wrong with the girls who are part of this sorority, or any sorority, if they don’t fuck around. If you have a problem with sorority girls not putting out, maybe you should discuss how their pledging system should incorporate a highly evolved system of credits where they must sleep with cowardly, pathetic assholes like the writers of these memes.

And if women do express some semblance of sexual freedom, they are instantly categorized as “bitches,” “whores,” and “sluts.” Por ejemplo: “Get new girlfriend, half of every frat slept with her.” Well, darling, maybe you should have been trying to court her sooner and not sticking your dick in everything you can.

These same rules apply for individual attacks, where we have women from various areas of campus life being specifically targeted, with first and last names included. Ironically, most of the women selected have, at some point or another, been controversial or done something that could be classified as “being a strong woman.”

The math seems to say that if you’re a woman who someone on this campus would have a reason to notice and who has had sex or denied sex to someone, you deserve to be put down, reminded of the suggested puniness of your existence. They’re saying, don’t bother standing up, doing your own thing, or even saying no to having sex with anyone. Your role is to be an object.

Memes are not the cause of this attitude, they are a symptom.

How many people show up weekly to Women’s Issues Group meetings? Less than 20. And there’s over 20 memes that expressly degrade women. That’s some bad math. But, oh wait, I’m adding rather than bending over for some guy, my bad.

Hi, McDaniel, here’s a meme (incorrectly used, but sticking to the pattern):


While I am sure there has been some woman-on-woman hate on the memes, the majority come across as men who are pathetically attempting to rationalize why girls won’t sleep with them or why even the girls they deem as unattractive don’t care about them. Maybe it’s because there’s a sad, putrid attitude running rampant on campus that is more unattractive than anything—treating girls like shit.

And I know far, far, far from every McDaniel guy would ever agree with this attitude! We have strong, necessary male feminists right here on campus. What I ask is that you speak up louder, let your positive voices be heard. Because when you have a vagina, the world already decides your fate to some degree. But that’s why we came to college, to break free from all that. And when we get here, we’re pushed back even further than where we started?

Here’s another one for you: Go to McDaniel? Act like you’re educated.