Get the 411 on Campus

If students are tired of passive-aggressively reacting to McDaniel happenings through social media and conversations with friends, there is a solution and it comes in the form of Campus 411.

The goal of Campus 411 is for students and administrators to discuss hot topics on the Hill in a setting conducive to making a difference on campus. Students can voice their concerns about campus issues, with the hope of leading to productive changes.

All students are welcome to attend and share ideas. Not only will the President and Vice President of Student Affairs be present at all meetings, but also the Dean of Students, to listen to the students and eliminate misconceptions or misunderstanding about the school.

“The Campus 411 was formed from a need to better communicate with students, receive feedback, and to make informed decisions how students will be affected by various issues in the campus community,” said Christine Workman, the Director of Student Engagement.

Campus 411 takes place in the Decker Forum in the Decker College Center once a month from 12-1 pm. Students can grab a bag lunch in Glar and bring it to the discussion. Generally, the format of Campus 411 is question and answer after the presentation of that month’s topic. So far, the topics they have covered include Internet and Information Technology and Smoking on Campus.

“Not only should students get involved with the forums, but they need to. This is our campus and we need to make it our own. The only way to make it our own is to understand the campus and to relay, to the McDaniel administration, staff, and faculty, the changes we would like to see and our reasonings behind those changes,” said SGA President Rula Zaru.

Students can suggest monthly topics and submit questions to The next Campus 411 meeting will be Tuesday, November 15.

With opportunities like this, students can be more proactive towards getting a satisfactory experience than ever before here at McDaniel.