A Message From the Editors


On Sunday, April 14, we published a commentary from one of our section editors that has generated some controversy on social media.

After reviewing the article, and in light of it having been submitted and posted as a commentary, we cannot and will not pull the piece. We ask you to remember that, as a commentary, it is simply the writer’s opinion and not intended to be a factual account of the event.

The Free Press has a long-standing tradition of publishing all commentaries from our staff and letters to the editor from the general public, provided they are free of unnecessary profanity, slander, and the like. While the article in question certainly included language that some readers have found controversial, it fit the standard for publication as a commentary nonetheless.

If you wish to respond to the piece in question, or any of our other articles, we invite you to send us a letter to the editor at freepress@mcdaniel.edu. We will post all appropriate responses as soon as possible.

We thank you for voicing your concerns about the piece.

Kaitlyn Vadenais, Editor-in-Chief
Matthew Arnold, Managing Editor