Making the Charlson Lab a 24 Hour Quiet Work Zone

Providing spaces for students’ academic needs is one of our top priorities in Hoover Library and I want us all to respect the needs of students who need quieter space to do their work.  The Charlson Lab is the only option available to provide a 24/7 enclosed quiet space in the library that has computers for individual work.

I recognize that this is a change in policy for the lab, but I hope that it will be a change for the better by allowing students who need quiet to complete their academic work a place to go. Please join me in supporting everyone in their need to complete their coursework without too much distraction.

Groups who need to work collaboratively are always welcome in the Information Commons on the first floor of the library during our normal open hours.  However, during Late Night Study, we request for the sake of those studying that everyone should keep conversations to a minimum.

All comments, concerns or questions can be addressed to me: Jessame Ferguson, Director of Hoover Library, or via Facebook on my own profile Jessame E. Ferguson or the Hoover Library page.  I want to know what will best meet your needs so I can endeavor to meet that goal.