Campus Safety Spring Fling Email

Dear Students:

McDaniel College celebrates a broad array of rich traditions, which fosters a unique institutional identity that forms the basis for shared campus life experiences across multiple generations of students.  Perhaps most popular among these traditions is Spring Fling.  Marking the start of warmer weather and the approaching finish of the academic year, Spring Fling is historically an opportunity for students to enjoy outdoor activities and to “blow off a little steam.”

Spring Fling will be celebrated this year on Saturday, April 15th.  The Office of Student Engagement is working diligently to provide a host of afternoon and evening activities and entertainment for your enjoyment.

While we certainly do not wish to eliminate or to diminish the positive elements of this McDaniel tradition, we are nonetheless concerned for the safety and security of our Campus community.

Therefore, it is important that we work together to ensure that everyone participating in Spring Fling activities remains safe, and avoids violating the Student Code of Conduct.

Please know:

  • While Spring Fling is a day for you to enjoy, students remain responsible for obeying all laws and code of conduct policies on and off campus, particularly with respect to underage drinking, open containers of alcohol, and disorderly behavior that sometimes results from overindulgence in alcohol.
  • You are responsible for the conduct of any guests on campus to ensure that Spring Fling is not impacted by those who do not conduct themselves appropriately.
  • Even for those students of legal age who choose to drink, it is our expectation that you will drink responsibly, and that you will not furnish alcohol to underage students or guests.
  • Individuals who overindulge in alcohol place themselves at much higher risk for becoming victims of crime, including assault and sexual assault.

In order to preserve Spring Fling as a fun and safe tradition, the Department of Campus Safety will be assigning additional personnel to monitor Spring Fling activities throughout the day and evening.  Please assist the officers by immediately reporting suspicious persons who may not be students or guests on campus as well as any unlawful or risky activities that may threaten the safety of others.

Thank you for your assistance in helping us to maintain Spring Fling as a safe and enjoyable event, and we wish you every success as you complete the end of the academic year.


Chief James K. Hamrick

Director of Campus Safety