Recent McDaniel Alumna Finds Employment on the Hill

Eddie Ezekiel

Staff Reporter

McDaniel graduate of 2009 Siri Hiltz is back on campus! You can find her in Hill 009 working as the Liaison for Community Outreach & Service.

Hiltz learned about the position she is currently working in after volunteering with the Boys and Girls club program for three years and by building connections at McDaniel and in Westminster through such volunteering.

While she was still a student at McDaniel, Hiltz helped the Boys and Girls club move from the church across the street from campus to a new and better equipped facility just down by the theater. Her job now is to go out into the community and find students opportunities for service.

“I love the job, so far it’s going really well,” stated Hiltz.

After graduating and job hunting she returned to McDaniel to find that the Community Outreach position was available through membership in Americorp Vista (Volunteers in Serving to America).

First she accepted the school position, and then went to training in Philadelphia in August. Americorp Vista’s mission is to fight poverty and set up programs that can become self-sufficient, and those are Hiltz’s goals here as well.

In her office, she keeps a hefty green binder filled with internships, volunteer opportunities and work-study for students who wish to work with the community.

“It’s great because you (students) get to go out and get internship experience and you can even get paid to do it,” said Hiltz.

A short list of the many opportunities Hiltz has includes: Boys and Girls club, Communal Media Center, Chamber of Commerce, Senior Center, Children Services, and Barebranch. These activities and other opportunities are listed on her facebook page.

Community service at McDaniel used to be handled by Career Services, but Hiltz’s new position outside of that department gives the school an employee whose sole job is to focus on such work.

McDaniel welcomes back Siri Hiltz and anticipates the good work she is already beginning to accomplish here.