Local Work Opportunities Tailored to Hectic Student Schedules

The life of a college student requires organization, focus, and most importantly, money. Though some may argue that it is not a necessity, most will agree that it doesn’t hurt to have some extra cash!  What repels most college students from the idea of trying to balance their classes with a steady job is the sporadic and uneven distribution of work throughout the semester, not to mention the high stress levels that can come from having to combine two different work schedules.

In the words of McDaniel senior, James Eu, “Working a job during the semester is a ton of stress. You have papers and tests, and the last thing you want to do is stay up for hours in the library after a long shift at work.”

One local business, Bounce With Me Inflatables, has been attracting McDaniel students as employees since its opening. Potential applicants need only visit www.bouncewithmeinflatables.com to download an application to email to the company. Before the start of the semester, managers ask for students’ class schedules and use them to plan their shifts accordingly.

A five minute drive from campus, this local business is easily accessible even for those who have a bike on campus, are depending on friends for a ride, or are just using the Carroll Area Transit System (CATS) bus.

“Working at Bounce With Me was great. I never dealt with a conflict between the hours I spent on the clock and the classes I took,” said Shawn Christianson, a McDaniel graduate.

Another incentive to apply is that this company recently partnered with the Baltimore Ravens and their child organization called the Raven’s Rookies Club. This means that workers would have chances to work shifts at Raven’s events such as their training camp visit days!

Another great job opportunity located close to campus is at a restaurant called Buffalo Wild Wings. You’ve probably heard of it (regulars refer to it as ‘B-Dubs’ from time to time), and hopefully, you have been there.

The food and drink at this local eatery are what McDaniel junior, Robert Doorn, calls, “absolutely scrumptious.”

Justin Schmitt, a current kitchen manager at the restaurant, said, “When I was in college, I knew I needed a job, and turned to the restaurants. Sure, I had a busy class schedule, but as long as you found a place with agreeable scheduling, the extra spending money was well-worth it.”

Shifts at Buffalo Wild Wings last from four to eight hours, and managers work with employees and their class schedules to make sure that there is absolutely no conflict.

Buffalo Wild Wings is just a short drive down Route 140, and quite close to McDaniel. To apply, students must fill out an application at the restaurant and partake in their three-round interview process.

Hopeful job applicant and McDaniel junior, Jake Butler, said that Buffalo Wild Wings is the perfect choice for busy students not only because of their hours and proximity to campus, but also because, “B-Dubs is the hip place to be!”

If students are looking for more help with their job hunting process, McDaniel’s own Career Services, located in the Smith House behind Englar Dining Hall, is definitely worth a visit.  This on-campus resource hosts part-time job fairs in the fall and summer that brings students in contact with representatives from local businesses.

Amanda Blankenship, Acting Associate Director of Career Services, says, “Another great resource for students to use in exploring possible part-time work experiences is the Green Terror Job Connection,” which is accessible on the web at www.collegecentral.com/mcdaniel.

On this site, visitors may look into possible job options and contacts from McDaniel alumni who have information regarding internships and other work opportunities.  Career Services maintains a website at www.mcdanielcareers.org where many other great resources are provided.