Glar’s ‘Sandwich Guy’ Leads a Double Life as ‘Family Guy’

Sarah Chavis

Staff Reporter

Kaiser roll. Turkey. Provolone. Lettuce. Tomato. Mayo. Glar’s very own Mark “The Sandwich Guy” Brown memorized this sandwich combination for senior Terre Martin two years ago. “On the first day back to campus, I went into Glar for lunch to get my usual sandwich,” Martin explains. “When it was my turn, I started telling Mark what I wanted, but to my surprise he remembered my sandwich after the entire summer.”Markthesandwichguy2

Martin isn’t the only student Mark can match up to a specific sandwich. There are at least twenty other students on campus that he has also committed to memory.

“I just want the students to feel welcomed,” Mark says. “They have a variety to choose from, and I just want them to want a sandwich made by me.”

That’s why Mark creates all of his sandwiches with such care and precision. “I like to make sure all the vegetables are fresh and ripe,” he says. “No one deserves rotten food.”

When Mark takes off his latex gloves at night and goes home, he’s no longer “The Sandwich Guy;” he becomes “The Family Guy.” As a father of four children, three sons and a daughter ranging from the ages of 3-10, Mark tries to balance his time between his work and kids. Since he doesn’t arrive home until after dinner, he spends the majority of his time with them during the morning, standing at the bus stop corner and sending them off to school for the day.

“I also use my vacation days on holidays and their birthdays,” Mark states. “They only get one day a year dedicated to just them, and I want to be there to spend it with them.”

Mark also uses vacation time and the summers to take the bus to New York City, his second home. While he’s there, he visits with the rest of his family and friends, but what he loves most of all during his visits is…shopping. His other hobbies consist of shooting pool, basketball, fishing, hunting, swimming, working out, and playing horseshoes.

So next time you’re in Glar, and you don’t know what to eat, stop by the sandwich line and ask for Mark. He’ll be sure to take care of all your sandwich needs. Maybe even ask him how is his day is. After all, his favorite part of the job is meeting new students.