Less Meat At Glar

Glar is taking the healthier approach to serving food, recently changing up the menu to serve more vegan and vegetarian options during lunch and dinner times.


Glar has come up with new foods, with little to no meat that students, who prefer not to eat meat, can enjoy.


Rita Webster, employee of Sodexo, and general manager at Glar says that the original idea came from student input.


“Students originally came up to me at times during the semester asking for more vegan and vegetarian options, so we decided to make it happen,” Webster said.


Glar has a bunch of different days they specifically offer more vegan and vegetarian options, for instance the “meat-less Mondays” often occur where Glar offers little to no meat during lunch or dinner times.


Glar wishes to become more appealing towards students with different tastes, so they are encouraged to come to Glar and will spend less money eating out. One of the new food options at Glar is stuffed peppers, which is a cut-open pepper stuffed with rice and other vegetables.


Some students have taken to this with a positive attitude but others, such as Sophomore David Motok, disagrees with less meat.


“I personally do not like the meat-less Mondays idea and do not truly care for vegan and vegetarian options”, Motok said.


Matthew Rehak, a Sophomore at McDaniel College, shared similar thoughts. “Glar is already bad enough as it is, and now that there is less meat, Glar has gotten even worse, if that was actually possible,” claims Rehak.


However, not everyone has disputes with the new options at Glar. Sophomore student, Connor Firor, is more than happy to see the new selections. “Yes, I really do like the less meat options, it’s nice to have something new from time to time.”


The schedule of theme nights at Glar can be checked on the small schedules located in the napkin holders in the Pub or Glar.