Bless My Soul: Transvestites Galore in ‘Rocky’ Show

Samantha Lambert

Staff Reporter

Props Bag. Check.

Disco Ball. Check

Fishnet. Check.

Virgins. Check.

Let the games begin!

McDaniel’s twist on Rocky Horror was not only a success at the box office, but it was also a success in photo by Evan Ticknoraudience pleasing (wink). The show almost sold out Friday night; other nights drew large crowds as well.

Even before the show began, friendly phantoms enticed audience members with glimpses of what to expect on stage: an excitingly erotic production.

While some faculty and parents seemed a wee bit uncomfortable, McDaniel students were more than willing to participate in “de-virginizing” and practicing the first steps of the slammin’ time warp dance. (For those who could not attend the show, audience members who had not seen Rocky had to do some smooth moves with a banana).

But when the musical began, the audience (myself included) was enraptured by the rockin’ live band on stage, the provocative dancing, and thrilling looks between cast members that left us clutching our arm rests.

The choreography was top-notch, demonstrating the wild and conflicting emotions of characters as well as revealing the true character relationships. The lighting, especially during the Time Warp, pulled the whole scene together, highlighting the sexy actors singing their way into a climatic dance party while pulling the audience along with them.

The production was highly satisfying. Shout outs to C-Mo for his excellent rendition of Dr. F, Nina and Andy for never holding back their sexiness, Annie for the awesome props, Brooke for her belting it out, Sydney for the beautiful intro, and Pfeiffer for giving us the do’s and don’ts.

Everybody did a marvelous job. This will be a production McDaniel will never forget.

As Tori Potucek, a sophomore, commented, “I’ll never forget I was “de-virginized” by Mike Pfeiffer with a banana.”