The 5 Best Places to Study on Campus

Kim Williams

Features Editor

Studying. It’s always looming, and it’s often pushed off. When procrastination is no longer an option, here are several places whose atmospheres should help achieve the studying state of mind.

At your desk: Let’s start simple. There are desks in dorm rooms for a reason, and it’s not just a place for the lap top to sit. Try sitting down, opening a word document, and making a study guide. Sophomore Cindy Sordo says of her favorite place to study that “If I would have to choose, in my room with some chill music in the background.” As Sordo suggests, if the sound of housemates downstairs frolicking threatens to distract, put on some peaceful music and get started.

A room in the library: If one is available, the rooms downstairs in the library are an ideal place to settle down. With plenty of table space and silence, students can spread out and get some real work done. Plus, the books are already nearby if extra consultation is necessary.

In the grass next to Red Square: Often filled with groups of people studying; for those who have trouble getting work done with no noise, this may be the spot.

Benson Sculpture Garden: It’s quiet, usually pretty empty, and it even has a fountain. If you’re able to get comfortable on the wooden benches, a lot of reading can be accomplished.

The Budapest Café: The chairs are comfortable and, even better, a caffeine jolt is right at hand. Order a coffee and inspiration is sure to come. The only downside is the unnaturally early closing hours. Coffee is definitely still necessary after 8 p.m.