Ice Cream Diaries

Taking that first, freezing bite

Bryan Nuckles

Staff Reporter

“What is an Ice Cream Diary?”

Honestly? I have no clue. But I suppose that’s the point, once you get down to it. Discovery… Ok, that’s bull, but it sounds nice doesn’t it? Just a little? No? Anyway.

I suppose this is about life. All it’s little quirks and unexpected twists, like the time your roommate spilled the entire bottle of Febreeze on the carpet, when you were Facebooking someone from home and they told you that you sound different… over Facebook, realizing your addiction to emoticons ;), dealing with rats in your room and scrunchies on your door, walking very quickly away from campo even though you did nothing wrong… * ahem *.

This column is on pens, pencils, and erasers; markers, sandwiches, salads, and the sandwich man; cooks, crooks, books, laundry, hooks, and Doctor Seuss; this segment is of mice and it is of men with just a tad of insanity in between. If you talk about it in Glar, we want a taste. I mean, who can turn down ice cream?