The Pub or Sandellas?

Pub’s cheese and steak sub a good value; Sandella’s heathier but cheesier

Jenna Little

Staff Reporter

If you’ve been frequenting the Pub and still wondering whether Sandellas is any good, you aren’t missing too much.

As a commuter student, I do not eat at either location often; however, I decided to give both places an equal chance. At the Pub, I ordered one of the most popular items on the menu, the cheese and steak sub and fries. I was surprised at how good it is. It tastes like something you would order at a local restaurant and is a good bang for your buck.

At Sandellas I ordered the American Panini with roast beef; one of the most popular items there is the Buffalo Panini. The Panini was okay, although I prefer the sub from the Pub. I also tried the flatbread pizza. The pizza was disappointing; the healthier flatbread becomes soggy. The items are decent but not as good as the Pub, which also definitely has more options.

Sandellas offers healthier food options, although its limited hours of operation and location in Gill Complex make it a less convenient option.

Sophomore Devan Hamric said, “Sandellas is kind of out of the way so I forget about it, and it just doesn’t have the “hang out” feeling because barely anyone goes there .”

Amy ‘Lulu’ Kachel, a senior, said, “I never know when Sandellas is open. Also, the majority of the food is too cheesy. The Pub has much more variety.”