Thirsty? Bring a Cup.

Kim Williams

Editor in Chief

If you’re on the go and prone to thirst, bring a cup or water bottle, or brush up on the whereabouts of the nearest water fountain. That which has traditionally been referred to as the “courtesy cup” is no longer a courtesy at the Pub, so think again before heading that way unless you have some change.

I am admittedly a thirsty person. I know I should bring a water bottle, and I’m all for being environmentally responsible, but I have had several unpleasant experiences involving the contents of my water bottle ending up all over my bag. And my homework. Not cool. And thus, my occasional need for a cup of water from the Pub when I get especially parched.

Senior Mike Mandel remarks, “It’s stupid, it’s not a courtesy cup if it’s not free” and senior Perri DeJarnette adds, “The cups are too small for it to matter.”

Pub employee Lisa Murphy says, “I think it’s 25 or 26 cents for cup.” Perhaps if the cup was a nickel, or a dime, this would be more acceptable. As a community whose hope of clean clothes is reliant on quarters, one can be hard to rustle one up. Sure you can also pay two dimes and a nickel, but once again how likely is it that you’re carrying that?

However, this change may stem from student behavior.

“I can say that I’m not surprised that they began charging for a water cup with cost cutting measures and signs posted about no free refills. It may well be a way to police the refills by cutting marginally into what I guess is ‘soda theft’ but that seems like a futile effort to me,” says Senior Atlee Baker.

For anyone who used their water cups to get soda, you owe me a quarter.

President Roger Casey says, “I suspect the same people that might be PO’D by having to pay a quarter for a cup of H2O might also think nothing of paying $1.25 for a bottled water.”

For those who still want to get a drink of water and avoid paying for either a cup or a bottle, don’t worry. If you bring your own cup—and are honestly getting water—you can still get water for free. Pub employees bring their own cups. Students can also purchase a 16 ounce cup from the Pub, and then refills for soda are only 85 cents. So any thirsty students, heads up and plan accordingly.