Sex on the Hill

Clara Burgess

Staff Reporter

“Masturbation is the ongoing love affair that each of us has with ourselves, throughout our lifetime”

“Sex, like any other skill, has to be learned and practiced”

Freshman Boy – it depends twice a week, two to five times a week

It depends on what I have going on

He masturbates in his room

Junior girl – usually a partnered activity

Weird for girls because although there is sex in the city I don’t know if people live that carefree lifestyle, it is like a couple activity

Every orgasm you have makes you physiologically younger

Pregnancy and STD free sex!

Masturbation can improve sexual health and relationships

Seeking an alternative to abstinence? There is such a thing as risk-free sex with no dangers of pregnancy or STD’s and without all of the dangerous emotional attachments of relationships! That’s right, I’m talking about masturbation. Like Betty Dodson says in her book, Sex for One: The Joy of Self Loving, “Masturbation is the ongoing love affair that each of us has with ourselves, throughout our lifetime.”

Masturbation is a sensitive subject, and most people avoid discussing it, or don’t believe it is a healthy activity to engage in.

One junior girl said she believes sex is “usually a partnered activity, and weird for girls because, although there is Sex in the City, people don’t live that carefree lifestyle in actuality.”

Despite these beliefs about masturbation, it is still happening on campus. In fact, people are having sex constantly with themselves, several times a week. One freshman boy masturbates two to five times a week when he finds time, explaining that “it depends on what I have going on.”

Masturbation, surprisingly, improves sexual health and relationships. It makes sex with others better, because it increases your skills. Avoiding discussing it is understandable if you feel it is a personal matter. However, avoiding it all together could be a mistake. Like Dodson says, “sex, like any other skill, has to be learned and practiced.” The more practice, the better sexual relationships become, and every orgasm you have actually makes you physiologically younger! An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away.

So try it! Don’t bother yourself with dramatic relationships. Avoid unpleasant STD’s and unwanted pregnancy. All of this can be done while doing something incredibly healthy- masturbating! Sexile your roommate and get down with some “personal” time. It is definitely worth it, and in your next relationship you will have improved your skills. Practice, practice, practice!