Sex on the Hill: Sizing Your Partner Up

Many women look for a man who is taller than them in order to fit in with societal norms. No girl wants to not be able to wear heels at a high school dance or on her wedding day because towering over a guy can be embarrassing for both parties.

While it looks nice for the woman to be shorter from an outsider’s perspective, it can make the relationship in the bedroom very awkward. No one sees the difference in height as a disadvantage until they are about to get intimate.

The average American man is around 5-foot-10 and the average woman is 5-foot-4, but what about those couples who aren’t average? These couples, after many difficult attempts, have to give up certain bedroom positions that may be a lot more fun.

A sophomore girl, who is 5-foot-2, became sexually active with a guy who is 6-foot-6. The coupling looked cute, but in reality the height difference was frustrating for both of them. Sex positions such as “Doggy Style” and “69” seemed to be more of a physical strain that was hard to get pleasure out of.

If the guy’s legs are significantly longer than his partners, the couple will have to raise and lower their bodies in a way that they are not used to doing. Unfortunately, with over a foot difference in the length of their legs, sex started to be more of a chore or just a repetition of the typical “Missionary” and “Girl on Top” positions. And when sex gets repetitive, the passion of hooking up with someone can quickly fizzle out.

Not all sexually active couples have a dramatic difference in height. Some are just about the same size. For these couples, a favorite position may be “Doggy Style” because it is easy and comfortable for both to perform. What these couples cannot do is have sex standing up or in the shower, and having the woman bend over different surfaces may be tricky as well. The man would have to boost himself up to be just slightly taller than his partner so that he could perform these positions.

A junior girl said that the worst part of the similar heights between her and her partner was not being able to stand up during sex. Even though her boyfriend had been strong enough to pick her up, the awkwardness was always there because her legs were just as long as his. They immediately stopped trying this position, and had to move onto more bed oriented ones.

Trying different positions can be very fun, but if you are not the perfectly structured couple not all positions are achievable.

If you are more into the traditional sex arrangements or having a guy that can pick you up and take charge, then a taller partner is what you should go for. On the other hand, if you are more into positions that stay on the bed, but can be more adventurous at points, your significant other should be someone who is more your height.

Height is not often thought of as more than an appearance factor, but sexually it can determine a couple’s relationship in more ways than one.