Class of 2015 Gets a Head Start on Community Service

The staff of the Westminster Boys and Girls Club was elated to see nearly 50 smiling faces of the class of 2015 walk into their building on a rainy Saturday morning during orientation week.

“We wouldn’t still be open if it wasn’t for the student volunteers from McDaniel who come to help us,” said Beth Tevis, member of the Board of Directors for the Boys and Girls Club.

The freshmen students were ready and raring to go that dreary morning. Whether it was sweeping or mopping floors, dusting the computer lab, cleaning up the kitchen, or organizing the game room, they were happy to help.

“Doing community service is a good way to meet people and learn about the Westminster community,” said freshman, Lucien Joy.

There was no wonder that so many freshmen were on hand to help out with the event. Over 70 percent of them had done some type of community service while in high school. One of those students was Zachary Royal, who had done a lot of community service in high school and felt this was “a great way to start something new.”

The day was originally planned out as a Community Service Plunge event. Student volunteers were to be split into groups to help clean up areas including Dutter Park, Pennsylvania Avenue, Caring Carroll, and the Boys and Girls Club of Westminster.

Due to the severe weather, courtesy of hurricane Irene, the plan for the day had to be switched around. Since the Boys and Girls Club is within walking distance of McDaniel, and we have a gate leading into their backyard thanks to President Casey, the students didn’t mind taking the five minute walk in the rain to help a good cause.

The day still started with all the students having brunch on the dining porch in Glar. There they got to know other students who were helping out and any previous experience they may have had.

Freshman, Mirko Fernandez, was a part of his local Boys and Girls Club and feels that “It’s a good experience. I want to help the community and give back because I have been given a lot.”

The staff at the Boys and Girls Club was so happy to see so many of them wanting to help out. Tevis even mentioned that there is the possibility for a student to gain a work study position working with the organization.

While the offer was up for grabs, Erin O’Sullivan said “I’d rather volunteer than get paid to do something. It makes you feel good to know you are helping others out.”

The freshmen weren’t the only ones on hand to help out. A handful of peer mentors accompanied them to help out with the day.

“I’m excited to give back to the community,” said Matt Love, an honors peer mentor. “It’s also a great way to get to work with my honors mentees.”

Sara Krome, a senior peer mentor and liaison for the CCOS office was more than happy to be on hand to help out with the event, “The day obviously didn’t go as planned, but that didn’t put a damper on them. The students were still enthusiastic to come help out.”