Sex on the Hill: Sex(iled) on the Hill

Sexile (n.): The state of being exiled from your room due to roommate fornication.

You know the signs if it has happened to you. Having to wait outside for hours, finding another place to sleep for the night, putting up with that awful after-sex smell… Locked doors, grunts and moans seeping through the cracks in the walls, and even worse, walking in to the startled looks of your roommate on top of some girl/guy all tangled up in between the sheets.

Jamaal Morgan, a senior, had an unusual situation, with his roommate.

“I got sexed in… my roommate put up a sheet, and he was getting a blow job,” he said.

Sometimes people will assume that how they feel about having sex in the room is the same as how their roommate feels, but that is not always the case. Thinking that everyone follows the same rules doesn’t always work, and the resulting situations can end up embarrassing or bothersome for everyone involved.

There are strategies for dealing with these awkward situations. Junior Melanie Darling, suggests warning your roommate.

“My roommate sent a text to me and asked for the room,” said Darling.

Preventing entrance to the room is a way to ensure that there will be no awkward interruptions. There are many ways to prevent awkward encounters and keep embarrassing situations to a minimum.

“If I knew my roommate was away I would just lock the door,” said sophomore Kerri Morrison.

Most people on campus agree that being sexiled is something students face frequently, but some don’t consider it a major concern.

“I would hate to be kicked out of my room for the night…. but for a few hours? Sure, okay,” said one freshman boy who wished to remain anonymous.

Avoiding the discussion seems to be common for most people.

“It is like a hidden rule, if someone wants to do something the other just leaves,” said an anonymous sophomore.

Sharing a room brings up a lot of conflicts such as cleanliness, sleeping schedules and sleeping with people schedules. A room is a place that should be equally available and comfortable for everyone who lives there, and sexual intercourse adds some potentially awkward conversations into the relationship between roommates. So what, if anything, do you do when sexiled on the hill?

In the end, if strategies are not working and you and your roommate don’t follow the same “hidden rules,” it is probably better to just talk it out. Find a system that works best for you and your roommate and stick to it. Then when it’s your turn to sexile someone else, you can have some good, safe fun without worrying about causing conflict.