…Do i know you? The post-one-night-stand meeting

Naomi Raphael

Staff Reporter

Benefits of a small campus: Ability to get to know people well, close relationship with professors, short walks to class, etc.

Disadvantages of a small campus: Only one dining hall, limited course selection, the inevitability of seeing someone you have hooked up with over and over and over.

There is a range of ways to interact with a post-one-night-stand. You could ignore them completely, making the situation even more awkward, and thus draw attention to yourself and your awkwardness. However, you can carry something like that on only so long; after all, it’s only a matter of time before you see that person at another party.

There is the seemingly casual, “hey” and head nod. This is a step up: you are acknowledging that you have interacted with this person before and you have developed a casual but formal demeanor when interacting with this person.

Or, you can interact with that person like you have never seen them naked, and carry on. This is especially easy if you were friends with the person beforehand.

But what if a post-hook-up decides that they want to take the first route of ignoring you? Being ignored by someone who you have seen pantsless is a huge blow to the ego. It leaves a build up of all sorts of questions: What do they want from me? Am I really that bad? Do they even remember? Was it even that person?

The best thing you can do in situations like those is to remain cordial. Don’t ignore the fact that it happened, just respect the hook-up. We are all adults. It would be best if everyone could be mature about stuff like this. We can all appreciate the enjoyment that comes out of hook-ups; no one’s saying stop. However, do what you can to make that post-hook-up daze a little easier for everyone.