McDaniel offers variety of interesting fall classes

Andrew Velnoskey

Staff Reporter

It’s that time of the semester—time to register for classes.  Of course, you can’t just take any old class.  You have to keep in mind what you must take for your major, your BLARs or McDaniel Plan requirements, and time slots can’t overlap.  But being able to make it through class without nodding off is also nice.  Here are a few classes that may keep your attention next semester:


British Literature: Sexuality

Sex is a topic near and dear to the hearts of many college students.  Turns out, it was also a significant issue for twentieth-century British writers.  This course will explore how sexuality in British literature changed in the twentieth century.  It will compare changes in how sexuality was depicted in literature versus how it actually changed in society.  Prerequisites: ENG 2213



For those interested in world cultures, this is the course for you.  This course will examine the mystical Islamic tradition of Sufism—its history, ideas, traditions, rituals, social aspects, and Sufism in today’s world.  You may be happy to know that no prior knowledge of Sufism is required for this course.


South Park

Yes, South Park. This sophomore interdisciplinary studies course examines the show’s use of humor to address serious contemporary issues within society.  Don’t expect the class to be one gigantic marathon of South Park however.  The class uses sociological and philosophical theories and techniques to analyze the show, in the process showing students the value of interdisciplinary approaches in understanding social issues. Unfortunately the class is not open to everyone. It is designed for sophomores, and no juniors or seniors can take the class without permission from the instructor.


Poland in the 20th Century

It was here today, gone tomorrow for Poland in the Twentieth Century.  Poland was able to re-emerge as an independent state following World War I, only to be consumed by Hitler’s Germany and then the USSR.  This course will examine the impact of Poland’s tumultuous century and how such upheaval shaped the country after its newfound independence in 1989.  Prerequisites: None


Chinese Painting and Calligraphy

This course will examine Chinese landscape painting throughout the history of China with special attention given to the relationships among painting, poetry, and calligraphy. Students will also participate in hands-on experiments with different painting techniques. The class will culminate in a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Prerequisites: None