McCribs: The Best and Worst of Dorm Life

Freshman Lounge in Style

Rula Zaru

Staff Reporter

How often do you run into a cool freshman dorm room? Probably never.

President of the HvZ club at McDaniel, Torin Grosso, and basketball player, DJ Whiten, reside in the common area “quad” on the second floor of Rouzer Hall. Interestingly enough, they are the only two living in the quad. That means two televisions, four beds, two wardrobes, two closets, four desks, four dressers, two fans, two doors, two refrigerators, and two microwaves.

Can this room get any better?

Yes. The floors are carpeted and there is a large couch in the center of the room. Oh wait, can’t forget the beautifully painted tan walls and the large amount of space in every corner of the room.

RulaZaru3“I was excited to be living with four people,” Torin said. “But when one guy never moved in, and the other moved to the fourth floor it got even better.”

DJ said he “loves the size and the space,” which make it feel more like a bedroom.

Not the typical freshman, Torin has several favorite things about his room: five dodge balls, several hand crafted chain mails that he has created, four Nerf guns, 50 Warhammer 40k collectable models, fighter movies, his PSP, and his magic cards.

Not only does Torin store a variety of gadgets in the room, but he also uses his room in order to work on projects of his choice. Torin spends time creating chain mails, which are scattered around the room and add uniqueness to it. “My friends are always in here…we watch a lot of fighter movies.”

Torin also owns “Bruce Lee’s Fighting Methods”, the complete edition, and he passes the book around to many of his friends to read.

Whether you like playing with magic cards, a PSP, swords, Nerf guns, dodge balls, or watching a good fighter movie, this room is the place to be.

As DJ puts it, “the room has a homey feel to it.”

Now if you think you have a lot of shoes, you’ll appreciate the massive collection on top of DJ’s wardrobe. 20 pairs total – Nikes, Adidas, and Jordans. If you ever need to borrow a shoe, DJ’s the guy.

Beside DJ’s desk is a 32 inch flat screen TV. DJ enjoys watching basketball games on the large screen and his friends are always in the room glued to the television or playing Madden 10 on his Xbox.

“There is always a place to sleep,” DJ explains. With two extra beds DJ enjoys the luxury of space and the ability to have his friends crash in his room without any inconveniences.

This McCrib is the coolest freshman dorm room. Not convinced? Go to Rouzer and visit Torin and DJ; you’ll have a good time. Chances are you won’t want to leave and you will go back a second time.