Remember in high school when you would dream of your future days at college? The people you would meet, the classes you would have, and most importantly, the dorm room you’d live in. Didn’t you think of a spacious, clean room with desks that were neatly organized and beds nicely made?

Well, freshmen Sarah Riley-Thomas and BreAnna Strevig seem to have created that perfect room that is not only spotless, but also stylish.

Sarah and BreAnna are lucky enough to live in one of the only two newly renovated dorm rooms of Whiteford. The set-up is “more-or-less how it looked when we came back from Jan Term,” Sarah remarks.

With new, movable furniture (none of its cracked, broken, or missing), a new blue carpet, and freshly painted walls, their room is so exemplary that it is shown on tours to prospective students.

“The most important thing is floor space,” says Sarah. Without the clutter and disorder of average dorms, there is room enough for several guests to lounge comfortably. The beds are raised a few feet off the ground so that the space underneath becomes a great place for storage.

Sarah and BreAnna, though compatible roommates, have completely different personal styles. BreAnna’s side pops with bright colors and warm tones. The nearly-neon palette emits an inviting and cheery feel.

Sarah’s side, however, gives off almost the exact opposite vibes. “I’m big into interior design,” says Sarah, as she moves about turning on lamps to soften the space. With cool blues, browns, and tans, her side is very soothing, calm, and quiet. To improve the room further, Sarah even changed the light switch plate to a copper brown to mesh with her color palette.

The best thing about the room? It’s so clean! Everything has its place. The desks aren’t overflowing with junk. Clothes aren’t spilling out of the drawers and closets. In its minimalism, Sarah and Breanna have created a very simple, very personalized dorm room.

This is the kind of room freshmen girls can look forward to next year when they move into Whiteford, and, frankly, I’m a little jealous.