Warren Kraft

Staff Reporter

Kraft: Hennessy and Woglom’s new room.

Kraft: Hennessy and Woglom’s new room.

Remember Sophomores Ryan Hennessy and Mike Woglom from room 203 in McDaniel Hall? If not, you should know that they had one of the most repulsive rooms on campus this fall semester.

The two where cramped up in the tight quarters of room 203, with just about no room to breathe. It did not help that they both play on the Men’s Lacrosse team and had all their dirty lacrosse equipment strewn across the room, creating a putrid stench and a heap of a mess.

Earlier this year I did a McCribs piece on Hennessy and Woglom’s room, basically claiming it to be the smelliest/dirtiest room on campus. Woglom said, “Your McCribs article was pretty embarrassing for me, but I am not going to lie it was pretty accurate.”

As if a hurtful piece wasn’t embarrassing enough for the sophomore lacrosse players, these two fellows had to evacuate their room during finals week fall semester due to the fact that their room was invested with bed bugs.

As stated by Hennessy, “we should have said something the first night we were at school. We woke up the next morning and were both incredibly itchy, we figured it was because we both had new sheets that were starchy and rough. It wasn’t until … that we actually saw bugs crawling on our beds.” It was quite amazing how it took so long for them to realize their room was invested, Marrio Davis believes that, “it took them so long to figure it out because their room was in a state of disaster from the moment they arrived on campus.”

After the initial acknowledgment that their room was invested the duo went directly to Michael Robbins to seek advice. Robbins and the Res-life staff took immediate action, by relocated the two into a nicer, larger room across campus in the basement of DMC.

Woglom said, “they paid for our laundry bill, and gave us some spending cash to buy some things like pillows, sheets, etc.. It was annoying but I am glad how it turned out we now live in a better room and we don’t have to worry about blood sucking insects feasting on our delicious skin anymore.”

Now that the two have a larger space to live in and have endeavored the traumatic experience of a bed bug infestation they have shaped up their act and have been keeping a neat and tidy living space.