Sex on the Hill: What is up with the Vajayjay?

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They’re hairy, smell, and bleed. Not to mention they aren’t sexy and have somehow been deemed worthy of sex. Worthy or not, vaginas everywhere are extremely misunderstood.

The bottom line is that beginning to understand your vagina is beginning to enjoy any sexual experience. For men and women alike it is important to become familiar with the actual parts of the vagina, as well as its appearance, actions, and smells.

Most females have been insecure since they first started to grow pubic hair and try a lot of “hairstyles.” In fact there is no right or wrong way to wear your pubes.

According to a Harvard survey conducted with women between the ages 16 and 22, more than 40 women shave within the lines. Another 25 often shave a “landing strip.”

Most women feel the pressure to shave their pubic hair because they are afraid a man will be grossed out. But it is important to remember that pubic hair is suppose to be there, and after all, it is just hair.

For some reason we obsess over whether the hair on our head is beautiful. In fact, we will wait months for our hair to grow the exact length we want. But once we think about hair growing somewhere else on our body, we freak out!

Besides being a little curlier, pubes are just the same as the hair on your head. So if you’re stressing over your pubes, just remember that hair in and of itself isn’t disgusting, the location is just throwing us off.

It’s your vagina; keep it as hairy or bald as you’d like it!