Invest in Self Respect: A Response to Sex on the Hill

If we all got dirt on our faces, I could almost believe that we’d all just leave it there, add to it, talk about how we like to wear it, and deal with the problems of having it on our faces.

Never would the thought cross our minds that we could just wash it off or be embarrassed that we’re walking around looking like a filthy mess. Instead we’d act like it was something “cool.” We’d act like we were proud of it.

Society does this all the time. Maybe it’s an attempt to be “accepting.” Whatever the cause, we’ve lost our common sense and tastefulness. While some may think that they are only flaunting their sex life (and that it is harmless), I find our societal lack of couth disturbing.

We all make mistakes (fall in “the mud”) and there is, of course, no sense in beating ourselves up about what we can’t change. But we can have a little dignity, if not propriety. We don’t have to make a public spectacle of things no one should be proud of.

We live in a much different age. No one is going to stone a girl for losing her virginity and guys don’t have to buy the whole cow before they get the milk. People can have very different opinions about sex and what is considered “okay”.

But acting like a “one-night-stand” is something that everyone does and talking about it like its funny and cool? Do you really think that makes you look good?

People laugh about it as if it’s no big deal and even view it as some sort of ribbon that says to the world “I’m so hot.” Really all it’s saying is “I’m easy and don’t value myself.” And if you don’t value yourself, then why should anyone else?

It also tells prospective interests, “this person is loose, I could probably get with them but then again so could just about anyone.” How will anyone ever know that they are any more important to you then the past fifty partners? How will you prove it? Talk is cheap and your reputation won’t exactly scream “integrity.”