Where in Westminster: Out of This World

Can you figure out where in Westminster this is?

7:10, an auspicious time, for it announces the beginning of the alignment of the cosmos. With an enormous green gas giant sporting yellow rings filled with white ice chips leading the way, dancing planets follow its lead through the Milkyway. This astronomical image created by Shelley Steinle, floats into a wanderer’s vision to take you out of this world. Here, in our world, we find wandering bodies from above. Find this mystical site my children.

Wondering where in the world you might find this photo? Here’s how the game works. I tell you one fact. Fact: This photo was taken in Westminster. So, your job is to find Where in Westminster I took the photo. The first person to successfully tell me where this photo was taken will receive a free latte at the Budapest Cafe. To achieve your latte, email me at kis001@mcdaniel.edu.

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  1. It's just outside of Heinz Bakery on Main Street.

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