Westminster Station has ‘Dedication to Perfection’

Emma Barbato

Staff Reporter

Dedication to perfection is just the beginning when it comes to the most recent addition to Westminster’s list of riveting hangout spots. Westminster Station employees don’t want to just make coffee; they want to make the best coffee.

“We did this with the intention of being one of the top ten coffee shops in the country,” the owners claim.

That’s just the start of a long list of hopes for this fledgling business; from opening a cereal bar, to supporting local musicians, everything this station does they do with conviction.

What might be the coffee shop’s biggest draw to college students is its laid back atmosphere and its openness to new ideas and a desire to try. There are a slew of instruments in the back of the shop, including a didgeridoo .

The shop owner, George Davis, invites young musicians to come and learn on, or just get a taste of something different. Davis says he wants to promote a sort of “cross pollination” between artists, or anybody with a skill who is willing to share their knowledge and maybe learn something as well.

Along with its dedication to Westminster’s artistic community, Westminster Station offers an Open mic night on Tuesdays and live bands on Thursdays starting at eight p.m.

The station has a house band that plays Thursdays, but if any local musicians, comedy acts, or even poets are interested in booking a Thursday night, this can be done pretty painlessly by emailing booking@westminsterstation.com . Or, if you are looking for something even more relaxed, just show up on Tuesday night and hang out with the local talent.

Westminster Station plans to do a lot more to reach out to the community and create a special environment where people feel comfortable and excited.

”It’s a great space for college students to hang out and play on the computers, or maybe do homework if you’re into doing homework…,” says McDaniel sophomore Shelby Parenteau.

One of the new additions is a cereal bar complete with twenty varieties of cereal for all those who like breakfast at midnight. There will also be an ice cream bar that includes all the fixings of a Coldstone Creamery, but with an additional seven flavors of whipped cream and homemade ice cream.

The business tries to remain as local as possible when it comes to their products.

“Our pies come from Baughers, and the ice cream is provided by a small creamery in Chambersburg,” say Davis.

The station is located on Englar Road and it is in walking distance from McDaniel. It opens at 4:30 a.m. and remains open until midnight on weekdays. Weekend nights, the coffee house is open until 1:00 a.m.

Westminster Station provides an alternative to the Pub or Denny’s and is an interesting twist between technology and eccentricity that isn’t normally expected off Route 140. More importantly it’s a coffee shop that is literally begging college students to get off campus and get involved.