Coffee Coffee Coffee

New Coffee Shop to Open Soon in Westminster

Kim Williams

Features Editor

A new coffee house is being opened by Ms. Sherri Joseph, who says “We hope to be up and running by June 1.”

Joseph says that the coffee shop, Birdie’s, will sell “all coffee, espresso and tea drinks available- iced and hot – including our very own signature “Birdie’s Blend”- a fantastic Costa Rican coffee. Smoothies, juices and soups, sandwiches and baked goods. Some featured items will include a hummus plate and freshly baked muffins and brownies.”

Sophomore Anna Martin says, “ As a coffee drinker and lover, I approve of any business that is dedicated to this delicious concoction.”

Junior April Ruthke says “I feel that everyone is already hooked on the Station and Starry Night Cafe.” So why should students venture to Birdie’s once it opens?

Joseph says Birdie’s will have “free Wi-Fi- and inviting atmosphere, plenty of room to socialize and study. We will feature two artists every other month and live music and poetry weekly. McDaniel students will receive a 10% discount with valid ID.”

Martin adds, “If the coffee house opens, I will definitely visit—there is no doubt.”

For anyone who shares Martin’s opinion, keep an eye out. Joseph says “the location is still to be determined, but we are looking at several spots within easy walking distance of McDaniel on Main Street.”