Budapest Cafe Worker ‘like a Grandmother to us All’

J Ellis

Staff Reporter

For more than nineteen years, Glenda Shipley has been serving freshly brewed coffee and delicious club sandwiches to all who visit the Budapest Café/Pub. Shipley, 53, started working for Sodexho Food Corporation back in 1990. Before coming to McDaniel, she worked in a sewing factory for Jos. A. Banks.

A typical work day for Shipley is extremely tedious. It includes: waking up, taking care of her dog and cat, working two job shifts seven days a week, and then finally going home to relax.

Along with the personal challenges that come along with balancing two jobs, Shipley tries her very best to stay level-headed.

She not only has to fulfill the responsibilities that her job(s) require; it is extremely essential that she be gentle and warm-hearted because so many students are counting on her. “The most challenging part of my job is that it is very demanding because there are so many rules that you have to abide by when working for a food corporation,” says Shipley, “…but I would have to say that the best part of my job is meeting new people every year. They seem to remember me after they graduate which is touching.”

Glenda’s Boss, (Lisa Breslin has her name), says, “We gave Glenda the nickname ‘Gi-Gi’ because she is like a grandmother to all of us.” And for the last two decades, any and everyone that has ever stepped foot into the Pub has become a part of Glenda’s extended family.