Top 5 Places to Study

1. Anywhere in the Library!

It’s the weekend and your roommate has had his friends over all day playing XBOX. You have a big exam for your Introduction to Sociology course on Monday and you haven’t had any peace and quiet to study. You pack your laptop and books in your book bag and walk to the library. Inside you find the silence of many students studying and researching. Every floor and room is like this, so now you just have to choose which spot you want to study in. Get used to the quiet- your roommate won’t be coming by any time soon.

2. Budapest Café

You had a long night reading and realize you are about to have a long morning too when you see that you still have a few chapters left before class. Instead of fighting the urge to sleep in your bed, you leave your dorm and head to the Budapest Café, where you sit on a sofa chair under a lamp’s light that is just dim enough for you to avoid a headache and just bright enough for you to see what’s on the page. You order a coffee and you’re all set.

3. The Quad

You sit in your room with the window open, writing an essay for your First Year Seminar. You feel like you can’t breathe and need some air. Outside it’s sunny and just warm enough for shorts and a T-Shirt. You pack up your laptop, grab a blanket, and head towards the Quad. There, you lay out your blanket and sit down with your laptop. You look around and see other students taking advantage of the good weather and studying. Out here you can breathe. Out here you can study!

4. Library Commons

You talk to your friends after class, telling them how long a night you have ahead of you. You have three midterms to study for, an essay to write, and (to make matters worse) your roommate is going to bed early. We’ve all been there and we all know where you need to go to crank out all that work: the library commons. You walk in with a full book-bag and look around you. Many students, not just you, are pulling all-nighters. The commons is open all night and has vending machines and a bathroom, so you settle in. It isn’t the most comfortable place, but when you are in a bind, you’ll be thankful you had it.


You have your math test in thirty minutes and you forgot to finish your problems last night. It is lunchtime and you haven’t eaten breakfast. Your stomach rumbles. You can’t avoid it, so you go to GLAR and sit down with your friends wolfing down chicken tenders. Instead of rushing yourself, why don’t you pull out that math book and a piece of paper and get to work on those problems while you eat. As a college student, you will always be crunched for time. It doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of meals though. Happy Chicken Tender Thursdays! And Happy Studying!