Humans v. Zombies: Club Trains for Zombie Apocalypse

Hanna Barker

Staff Reporter

HvZ_Logan OtrembaThe Humans v. Zombies Club is taking on the responsibility to train students for the zombie apocalypse.

The club president and vice president are freshmen Torin Grosso and Logan Otremba respectively. Currently, membership exceeds 25 students. Essentially, they play a massive game of tag in which the “humans” attack the “zombies” with Nerf guns.

Grosso recalls his favorite Humans v. Zombies (HvZ) memory as the “first night where about 75% of the humans were wiped out in fifteen minutes after first contact with the first Zombie, JONO.”

The club originated at Goucher College, but was brought to McDaniel by the Resident Assistants of Rouzer Hall. Sophomore Mae Alexander decided to start the club after witnessing the success of previous HvZ events on campus.

HvZ_TorinGrosso“For me, [the best part] was talking to some of the freshman guys and having them say that HvZ actually got them out of their rooms to interact with people. That’s a big deal,” said Alexander.

The club meets on Fridays at 8 p.m. in Ensor Lounge. If you’re interested in meeting new people, running around campus with Nerf guns, and training for zombie infestations, then this club is probably for you.

“People should join HvZ because who doesn’t love zombies and playing tag? It seems like a perfect combination!” said Otremba.

The club will be hosting a dodge ball tournament in March to benefit the Hearts for Haiti Fund.