McDaniel Sports Move Practices, Games Indoors

Physical Plant Focuses on Clearing Snow from Stadium

Nick Brunner

Co Sports Editor

The snow has not only put a damper on the academic semester, but also on the McDaniel sports teams. Whether it was delayed or cancelled winter sports events or keeping the fields of the spring sports teams covered in white, snowmageddon has shook up the sports world on the Hill.

The snow has put the Gill Center in extraordinary high demand as the winter sports teams try to wrap up their seasons and spring sports teams are forced to shift practice indoors and scrap for gym time. To make matters even more stringent, there is an array of intramural sports just starting up as well.

The baseball and softball teams have been limited in what they can do when confined to the walls of the Gill Center. Unable to do much work in terms of fielding or game-like situations, an extra emphasis has been put on hitting in the batting cages of Old Gill gymnasium. Along with extra hitting, the teams have also focused on strength and conditioning.

It is hard to make a trip to the fitness center and not see a McDaniel athlete working hard to prepare for the season. The teams know that while the snow is keeping them from getting better on the field, it can’t keep them from getting stronger, faster, and developing ever important team chemistry.

The woman’s softball team has been one team in particular that has bought into this way of thinking. They are constantly in the weight room as a group pushing and encouraging each other. It will be interesting to see how this comradery will translate to success on the field.

The baseball team has taken more to the conditioning aspect. Their philosophy has been if all we can do is run, then we will do our best that we can to make sure we are the best at it. Both teams are excited to be going to Florida for spring break so they will be sure to get at least some work in before Centennial Conference play begins.

With most of the campus roads and academic buildings now cleared, next on the priority list may be the athletic fields. Once the men’s and women’s lacrosse teams are able to use the stadium field again, a lot of the congestion in the gym should be eliminated.