An Epic Snowstorm

Kate Delenick, Co-editor and Staff Members:

An epic snow storm pummeled the campus that had plenty of people in a panic, but also bonded students in a way that perhaps only a blizzard could.

Photo by Colin Miller

Photo by Colin Miller

Senior Kristina Shavirov summed her entire weekend experience saying, “I got to spend all weekend with my friends. I was at a pajama party Friday, all day Saturday my friends and I played in the snow and sat around a fire in my backyard drinking hot chocolate…on Sunday we got the news that school was cancelled for Monday.”

“It was great,” Shavirov continued. “It was stress-free in the sense that everyone kind of took a break from school work and just had fun. You don’t get to do that very often in college but the snow slowed us all down literally and figuratively.”

Students chronicled their experiences during this epic storm. Some were bored, some stayed indoors, and some brave students ventured out into the sea of white.

Here are some of the earliest moments of the storm – captured by students:

Waking up to over a foot of snow, hundreds of McDaniel students rushed into Glar. The lines were long, the conversation was loud and the food went fast. Brave students treked to Walmart on foot but Walmart ran out of salt and shovels, so college kids came back with buckets to dig their cars out of the snow.

The mood in the dorm was mellow. Everyone was catching up on work and hanging out with their friends. Wrapping their feet in plastic bags for insulation, students walked over to the golf course to sled. Overall, the day was productive, fun and relaxing, although there were few places to go and fewer things to do.

-Sophie Diven

Friday night, North Village: Danni Long and I learn how to play “Party in the U.S.A. on guitar. Then we harmonize. We learn at least five other songs together. Saturday, North Village: Pancakes are made and eaten by six of us family breakfast style. Star Wars Marathon, followed by half of the Fellowship of the Rings, followed by Clue. Two trays of baked ziti are produced somewhere in the movie progression. Throughout the day there is talk of playing in the snow. It never happens.

-Naomi Raphael

I don’t see how I could possibly dig my car out with just a tiny little scraper that is currently inside my car…going sledding tonight for the third time!

-Juli Guiffre, editor in chief

Saturday around 12:30 I went to glar, waited in line 20 minutes for an omelet, but it was WORTH IT! By 1:30 I attempted some homework but within a half an hour I’d given up on my homework and invited friends over for hot chocolate. At 3:30 I went sledding and thought I was going to die on my way there with the snow up to my thighs!

-Megan Robinson, news editor

Around 4 p.m. on Friday night I headed home for the weekend- made several jokes about how I’d be the one laughing when I woke up tomorrow to only an inch of snow. But Saturday morning the joke was on me. I called out of work and began my day of laziness. Around 2 pm I finally finished reading “Dear John” even though my plans for seeing the movie this weekend were squashed. Later I watched a JONAS marathon while baking cookies. I was trying to heat things up in the house.

-Lauren Miller

Saturday, 4:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m: Becoming bored from 2-3 hours of homework, I find myself attracted to the sight of students walking outside my window near the Quad. My curiosity compels me to suit up and follow the caravan. Following them to the football fields, the caravan splits into their individual herds.

Looking at the tracks below some have reached as far as the tennis courts while others are visibly sledding near the stables. Not wanting to get my pants wet, I remained on the clear path. While walking past Gill gym toward North Village I ran into a couple friends: Kelechi Ajoku, Julie Tarinne, and Ellason Spenser.

They were waiting for, Maria Oviedo. After reaching Maria over the phone, we decide to head over to Maria’s. Rumors are circulating that students are building an igloo though nothing resembling an igloo can be found. As an Argentinean, it’s is only Maria’s second experience with snow. Next, we went to do what we planned all along, sledding. Then the clock hit 5:00 and I headed to Glar.

– Karla Holland