The Free Press Staff Works Overtime

This weekend I adopted a new motto: journalists are like postal workers; we stop for neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow. So after confirming that my off-campus job was closed for the day, I wrapped up my laptop, donned layer after layer–sweaters, snow pants, boots, and a sub-zero ski coat to top it all off–and make the trek to the Free Press newsroom.

Fortunately, Physical Plant workers had kept up with the snow well. Unfortunately, several hours in a computer lab with no take-out and no tech assistance kept the weekend interesting. As the snow piled higher, so did our snow coverage. So after a quick rearrange and the usual last-minute scramble on Tuesday morning, I hit send… and we were done.

Maybe I should check my mail. Then I realized; the campus post office had been closed since Friday.                                      —Ashleigh Smith, Art Director, McDaniel Free Press

Getting a paper out on deadline is a hectic business in normal conditions. This weekend was anything but normal. Our biggest savior was that power didn’t go out – we were still able to communicate with our reporters via email and make sure we had everything necessary to compile our first issue of the semester.

Life on campus is starting to resemble a mini-vacation. We wake up late, eat, watch movies all day and go sledding at night. It’ll be a real eye-opener when classes finally start again.                                                                                                                    —Juliann Guiffre, Co Editor-in-Chief, McDaniel Free Press

With the snow pummeling our campus and a looming deadline these past few days have been chaotic for the McDaniel Free Press Staff. Students have been submitting their experiences with the blizzard and there are constant stories in the making. As reporters we must always be aware of it and know that with every flake that falls a new story may unfold.        —Kate Delenick, co-editor, The McDaniel Free Press