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Approximately 22 inches of snow dumped on McDaniel’s campus last week before this latest storm heaped another 15. Weather folks warn of up to 30 inches total before “Snowmageddon,” as newscasters have called it, ends.

Photo by Colin Miller

Photo by Colin Miller

Underneath this historic storm, the campus is calm. Free Press staffers sent the print version of the newspaper to the publisher last night (Feb. 9) at an hour when most people should have been asleep. Editors have no idea when the print version of the paper will make it up the road from JS Printing in Alabama.

Just like the snow shows no sign of stopping, our news coverage will continue online — power and powers that be willing. Hello from The Hill. – Kate and Juliann, co-editors.

P.S. The Awesome Photos to the right, below, and above are by Colin Miller. More Photos to come!