On The Lot

Sophie Diven

Staff Reporter

Photo by Zach Wright

Photo by Zach Wright

On The Lot

With Zach Wright

Make– Ford

Model– Mustang GT

MSRP- $19,250 for the V6 Deluxe Coupe to $31,280


Year- 2007

When did you purchase? October 17th 2009

Stick or Automatic? 5 speed manual

Do you let your friends drive it? Nope, it’s my baby and I only drive it.

Best memory– My best memory would have to be of when my Dad and I drove up to Carlisle, PA to go to a special “All Ford” event. We went up there together and I got some work done on my car. It was a really enjoyable day.

Expensive to maintain? Not at all. All it really needs is an oil change every few thousand miles which is very inexpensive.

Approx Average Miles Per Gallon– City driving, anywhere from 16-18 mpg, Highway I average about 25 mpg

City- 17 mpg

Highway- 25 mpg


How long do you expect to be driving this car? Hopefully for quite a long time, I absolutely love having it.

If you knew what you know now about your car, would you buy it again? Yeah, without a doubt.

If you were given $25,000 in cash today, what car would you buy with it? I would buy a 1968 Roadrunner.