On the Lot: The Coolest and Not-So-Coolest Cars on Campus

Sophie Diven

Staff Reporter

Junior Jeremy Allen poses with his 2003 Freelander Land Rover.

Junior Jeremy Allen poses with his 2003 Freelander Land Rover.

On The Lot with Jeremy Allen

Make – Land Rover

Model- Freelander

Year – 2003

MSRP- $25370 -$31970


When did you purchase? – It was a hand-me-down from my dad.

Stick or Automatic? – Automatic.

Do you let your friends drive it? – Ya.

Best memory – When I was younger, I got a teenage mutant ninja turtle and forgot to take it out of the car. Then every time my parents saw it they told me to take it in but I never did. Now, it’s about 5 years later and we feel that we can’t take him out because he has been in the car so long.

Expensive to maintain? Oh ya.

Approx Average Miles Per Gallon- 26?

MPG (city)- 15

MPG (highway)- 19

MPG (combined)- 17


How long do you expect to be driving this car? – Until it breaks.

If you knew what you know now about your car, would you buy it again? – Of course!

If you were given $25,000 in cash today, what car would you buy with it?- Hmm…Probably a Jeep.

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