News from Graduate and Professional Studies

Henry B. Reiff

Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies

Welcome to a new feature of the Free Press, News from Graduate and Professional Studies. As the dean of our graduate programs, I look forward to sharing a little bit of what goes on here at McDaniel and at satellite classes all over the state. In upcoming issues of the Free Press, we will spotlight individual programs so that you can get a good idea of what GPS is all about.

Most undergraduates do not know much about GPS, and I think they’d be surprised by a lot of what we do and who we are. We started awarding graduate degrees as far back as 1935 and have grown from a handful of students to a point where we annually see about 3.000 different graduate students taking classes. We will soon have more than 20 programs and currently offer the Master of Science (M.S.) in many areas of education as well as professional programs in gerontology, human services management, human resource development, and exercise science. We also offer a master of liberal arts (M.L.A.) degree.

We have a number of five year programs where a student at McDaniel can earn a B.A. after four years and the M.S. in the fifth year. This is a wonderful opportunity that will give you a leg up over your peers when you enter the workforce with an advanced degree – just a year after finishing your undergraduate degree.

We have made remarkable progress in expanding online coursework. As of Fall 2010, 30 new online courses will have been offered, a number far exceeding our original goal. With the completion of a system for developing online courses now in place, the goal for the coming year is to have full M.S. programs and certificate programs completely online.

Phenomenal opportunities and continual progress define GPS. As much as these forces indicate that GPS is in a constant state of change, reinvention and growth, we stick to doing day-to-day business in the manner to which we are most accustomed – teaching, learning, and supporting professional development with a commitment to excellence.

Check out our web site. Just click “Graduate Studies” on the McDaniel home page. You may see your future waiting for you.