Zumba: It’s a fitness party!

Emily Kirchner, Class of 2004, instructs Zumba class, keeping her body active and a smile on at all times.  The class is taught on campus two nights a week, incorporating multiple=

Kelsey Franklin

Staff Reporter

There is a new favorite party spot on the campus of McDaniel this semester: Old Gill Gymnasium and dance studio. It is the site of the new fitness craze Zumba.

The fitness class is rocketing in popularity all over the country. For the many students who are unsure what Zumba is, instructor Emily Kirchner (’04 graduate of McDaniel) explains, “The program uses world rhythms and dance movements to create a form of exercise that is fun, exciting, beneficial, and really doesn’t feel like exercise at all!”

Don’t get scared away before you try it. Kirchner insists that the class is easy to catch onto and is for anyone at any fitness level. The class is great for those who are looking to spice up their fitness program. This is not treadmill and stationary bike type exercise. Kirchner said that the class “is for those who hope to gain the benefits of cardio and toning in the same workout.”

Marilyn Topper, a junior at McDaniel, has taken the Zumba classes and not only loves the class but has high praise for the instructor also. Marilyn says that the class is “a high energy work-out, which feels more like a dance class than an actual work-out.” She also commends Kirchner for being, “a very energetic and motivating teacher.”

The class is offered every Monday from 4:45-5:45pm, and Wednesdays at 4:45-5:45pm and 6-7pm. The cost of the class is $35 for 10 classes or if you just want to drop by for a class, $5 a session. If you are interested you can contact Tracey Johnson- Office Manager of Intercollegiate Athletics. Her office is in room 120 on the ground floor of Gill and her phone number is 410-857-2580.

Previous dance experience is not necessary and gentlemen are welcome too! “Zumba is a fitness party!” according to Kirchner and you’re invited!