Fitness & Health: Is there a best time to exercise?

Liz Mirizio

Staff Reporter

With the summer season soon approaching, warm weather lovers are planning to look their very best this summer. In order to do so, many are asking when the best time of the day to exercise is in order to burn the most calories and thus get MEGA results.

Research on lung function, body rhythms, temperature, and hormone levels agree on one thing – to exercise around 6 p.m.

Why is six the magic number? Take a look at this pro/ con chart to clear up any questions:

The afternoon (3 p.m. to 7 p.m.) is the best time to exercise for both endurance and for building muscle.


-For the majority of people, body temperature and hormone levels peak at 6 p.m. Exercising 3 hours before or after the peak will provide the best workout for both endurance and building muscle.

-Research shows lung function is best at 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.

-Muscles are warm and flexible.

-Perceived exertion (how hard you feel yourself to be working at exercise) is lowest. This means you may be able to work out harder or faster by doing so in the afternoon.

-Afternoon workouts can help regulate your dinner appetite and provide stress relief after a day at work, school, or home.


-Distractions and other commitments may keep you from walking and exercising at the appointed times

The pros in this list most definitely weigh out the single con: time. However, as long as time for exercise is made and a schedule is stuck to, that killer bod for the summer will appear in no time! Most importantly, remember that simply working out at a time that fits your weekly schedule will you help reach your sexy body goal.

Get that planner out, designate a daily exercise time, and get to the gym around 6p.m. to start working on your summer bod!

Information summarized from Womens Health Magazine.

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  1. Very cool Liz well written. Too bad the gym is always packed at that time.

  2. I like this article and these types of articles. Well writen and good info. Sadly, lots of people seem to know this bc the gym is always packed at this time. :(

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