Get to know clubs on campus

The Involvement Fair ran from Aug. 24-Sept. 2. (Ciara O’Brien / McDaniel Free Press).

Best Buddies

Audrey Wixted

The purpose of this organization is to encourage inclusion in our community for all, but especially the intellectually/developmentally disabled community. We are planning to have virtual movie nights, game nights, DIY craft nights, and a virtual dance party. It is a great way to get involved with the local community. You will meet a diverse group of individuals and form meaningful friendships. By being a part of Best Buddies, you are promoting a safe and inclusive environment. You can get in touch with Best Buddies by emailing Audrey at

Black Student Union

Corin Cole

The purpose of the Black Student Union is to stimulate African American unity, respect and self-consciousness, promote awareness of local, national and international issues of interest to the African American community, serve as an organizational base from which the concerns, views and needs of African American students can be addressed in the most efficient manner possible, plan and implement artistic, intellectual, and constructive activities and programs of particular interest to African American students, help the McDaniel College community understand the heritage of various Black cultures of the world, and serve as a support system for its members and those who express an interest in the organization’s goals. This semester, we are planning to focus on social justice issues and community education along with maintaining the safe space that we have created for Black students. It’s great to get involved with BSU because there are many opportunities to get to know other students and to attend events that highlight what it means to be Black and what it means to be an ally. You can reach out via our page on The Arch or email the president directly at You do not have to be Black in order to be involved. We are inclusive and welcome all.

Consent and Sex Education (CASE) Club
Mackenzie Hunt
The mission of CASE club is to educate the McDaniel community about consent, sex education, healthy relationships, and other social justice-related topics. We also aim to support survivors of sexual assault and relationship violence and make them feel heard on and off campus. While COVID-19 has disrupted how our events normally look, we will continue to host events educating students on consent, STI prevention, birth control methods, healthy relationships, sex education, and how to support survivors of sexual assault and relationship violence.

CASE believes that normalizing conversations on these topics will help McDaniel become a more inclusive and safer community for all of our students. We hope you will join us in the fight against sexual violence on college campuses. Please email our president, Mackenzie Hunt (mrh014), to learn more information and to be
added to our future communications about events and meetings. To any survivor at McDaniel: We believe you. We support you. We love you.

Green Terror Programs (GTP)

Tara Salvati

GTP strives to provide a diverse range of entertaining events and activities that will appeal to a variety of interests on campus. GTP provides weekly programming events for free to all students. This semester, we are planning to do a lot of fun and safe events for a diverse group of students. This includes themed trivia nights and bingo nights, events to do with friends and by yourself. Getting involved with the organization is a great leadership experience and allows for members to be creative in a safe space! To get in touch, email Tara Salvati (President; trs007), Jenna Warren (Director of Internal Relations; jmw029) or reach out on our social media pages: @gtpmcdaniel (Instagram/ Twitter) and GreenTerrorProgramsMcDaniel (Facebook). Our meetings are Mondays at 6pm in Hill 108. Even if you don’t want to participate in our organization, we encourage everyone to attend our events because they are free and we love seeing how excited people are for our events.

Hispano-LatinX Alliance

Elva Joya

The mission of the Hispano- LatinX Alliance (HLA) is to facilitate a space where students can learn and educate themselves, their family, and the McDaniel community about different Spanish-speaking cultures, engage in traditional experiences, and find an inclusive supportive familia (family). We also strive to serve the local Spanish-speaking population, learn about issues, and work towards solutions concerning the LatinX population and advocate for students of LatinX decent on campus. We provide opportunities for social engagement, leadership, community service, and education. While the club focuses LatinX cultures, all students are welcome! This semester, we are planning to have bi-weekly general board meetings online as well as a variety of virtual and in-person programs. We want to have dance lessons night, loteria (kind of like bingo), cafecito, speakers, and good vibes. Help us do it! Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15th- October 15th) is around the corner and we need help planning and executing events! If you are someone who identifies as Latino/a/x, it can be hard trying to find a home or niche without knowing where to start. Since our population on campus is smaller compared to other racial and ethnic identities, it feels better knowing that there are people who can understand you on a deeper level. While we all may identify as latino/a/x, there is so much diversity within our community. We need to support and build each other up; we can’t do this alone! If you are not someone who identifies as Lati- no/a/x, this is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about different people and the beautiful traditions and cultures that we cherish and hold close to our hearts. College is not only about learning in the classroom but learning about different people and cultures that exist within the world and being able to understand where they come from. Understanding is the basis of compassion and through compassion, we have more peace. It is wonderful being an ally! We love to have a good time, laugh, dance, make friends, have fun, and let go of the stress of school. You can get in touch with me by email at, the HLA e-board by email at

hlae-board@ or message us through our instagram page @hla_mcdaniel ! We will be having our first zoom meeting on September 2nd from 7-8 pm. DM or Email us for the Zoom Link! We are looking for new ideas, new faces, and new passion! Our club is what we make it. We are here to support you and serve your needs. We want to continue old traditions and make some new ones! We are always receptive to feedback and coming up with new ideas of what to do. Come to one of our meetings and if you don’t like the vibe or don’t feel like you connect, let me know personally and we can figure it out!

Jewish Student Union (JSU)

Andrew Witten

The mission of the JSU is to bring together all students Jewish or not, while learning and celebrating the meaning behind Judaism. This semester, the goal is to have as many in-person meetings allowed, given that the proper COVID- 19 procedures are followed, with the option of virtual meetings as needed. With this, we will also be working with the Baltimore Federation to get in touch with local Jewish groups that may be in need of some assistance in the area. We are a growing group that is all about sharing what we have learned with those who may have no knowledge of Judaism, or even grew up in a different Jewish household. This will be done with the goal of creating new friendships and having a good time with good people.We will be having a welcome meeting after the involvement fair has taken place. However, if you are eager to learn more now, you can follow our Instagram, @jsumcdaniel, and shoot us a message, or send an email to myself, Andrew Witten, JSU President, at agw003@ We look forward to continuing our strong growth with the large amount of incoming students who are Jewish and those who are willing to learn and get involved.


McDaniel JSU

McDaniel Student Art League

Kelly Creager

Our mission is to display and gain recognition for student artists on McDaniel campus. We aim to gain recognition for young artists who don’t know where to start in making a name for themselves. This semester we plan on showing off our artists via social media. An “Artist of the Week” will be featured on our Instagram, @ sartl_mcdaniel, where we aim to grow our artists following and fan base. If you are interested in getting your art out there and seen then this club is for you. You do NOT have to be an art major/minor to join. You don’t even have to be an artist. If you want to get involved in the community art scene then this is for you. If you are interested, you can email our president, Kelly Creager, at We are a new club so we are looking for people who would love to help us start up and get established.

McDaniel Sunrise Hub

Kylie Baker & Jake Fine

We aim to bring the national Sunrise Movement to campus and highlight their goals of focusing resources on low income communities, creating jobs in environmentally conscious fields, and pushing for the Green New Deal. This semester, we’ll be working on Get Out The Vote, member engagement, teach-ins, electing climate and social justice champions, and holding our current political representatives account- able! Though McDaniel Sunrise is environmentally centered, we focus on all social justice issues. These issues impact all of us in one way or another and it’s important for all of us to rise up and take responsibility towards creating a better future. You can get in touch with the movement via @SunriseMcDaniel on Instagram and Twitter and by emailing Kylie and Jake at kab032@ and jef004@mcdaniel. edu, respectively. You don’t have to be an expert activist, scientist, or politician to join the movement, all you have to do is show up!

Nippon Ai: Anime Club

Mikey Melvin

The purpose of our club is to indulge and enjoy anime and Japanese culture. We are planning to attract more members this semester and create more fun events to help spread the wonderful world of anime! Our club is a great way to explore and discover a new world of entertainment, not to mention the friends you can make and bond with through the power of anime. We meet at 8pm on Fridays in Hill hall room 110, feel free to join us! This is a safe space for all genres of anime and all levels of anime interest; from anime pro to first time watchers!

Palabras to Words

Jessia Avila

Palabras to Words seeks to support English Language Learners in the McDaniel College and Carroll County community. We work with all English Language Learners, not only, as our name would imply, native Spanish speakers. Our goal is to improve the reading, writing, speaking, communication, and comprehension skills of any individual through one-on-one tutoring. Our Fall 2020 semester will include a variety of events. We are planning to include social events (which will adhere to McDaniel’s regulations for safety), a virtual learning workshop for English tutoring. Our Fall 2020 semester will include a variety of events. We are planning to include social events (which will adhere to McDaniel’s regulations for safety), a virtual learning workshop for English Language Learners, a fundraiser, service projects, and a virtual discussion with a distinguished guest speaker via Zoom. If you are passionate about languages, teaching, and helping others reach their individual potential, Palabras to Words provides opportunities to tutor English Language Learners and engage with the campus and Carroll County community! You do not need to speak Spanish or any other language to join Palabras to Words. If tutoring is not a good fit for you, we also offer fundraising and event planning opportunities! If you have any questions or would like to join our organization, you can email: Julia Dunn (President; jkd006), Ada Mejia (Vice President, aem019), or Jessia Avila (Secretary; jma013). Our first meeting of the Fall 2020 semester is scheduled for Wednesday, September 2 at 6:30 PM (EST) through Zoom. If you would like to receive the meeting information, please contact one of the individuals listed above.

Pre-Health Club

Makayla Patterson

Our mission is to provide a community for students who are interested in the health fields. This could be pre-med, pre-dental, pre-vet, nursing, PA, PT, all of the above! We want to provide relevant information to students about these professions so that students can have a better understanding of what it takes to go into the health eld and what it entails. This semester, we have a few fun events that we would like to run. These include an alumni panel, a CPR class so members can get certified, as well as a few speakers hosted in Zoom Meetings! It is a great community of people who want to help you succeed in your specific field. There are upperclassmen who have taken similar classes and professors and can give you advice on the best routes to take. Plus, our events are very informative (and fun), and we plan to have some amazing speakers this semester. You can email Makayla at to get involved!