Six Super Styles To Spend Your Summer In

1. Wide-Leg Trousers

After your day at the beach, the night on the boardwalk can get a bit fresh. The cut and light fabric of a wide-leg pant keeps the air flowing through to keep you cool enough on those summmmer niii-hghts. (Not to mention, they channel the 70’s revival that’s huge this year without being too cheesy.)



2. Crochet, Lace, and Macrame

Sheer, textured fabrics are perfect for summer layering. They make a chic bathing suit cover up and create interest over a tank or t-shirt.

$39.00, Urban Outfitters



3. Crop Tops

The time for belly buttons is now. If baring it all isn’t your thing, try a tank underneath for a more covered look!



4. Metallic Sandals

Shoes are perhaps my favorite part of any given outfit and by far, my metallic sandals are the most popular piece of my summer wardrobe. I happen to have a green studded pair and a blue multi- strap pair (both purchased from last summer for under $20!) They bring a bit of shine and a pop of color to any outfit.

$44.99, Kohl’s

5. Romper

Simple. Easy. Quick. I, for one, could not be happier that rompers have become “a thing” again. For the ultra-confident (or ultra-tall), there’s the full length. For the rest of us, there’s the shorts—show off the legs that all those steps have given you!


6. Braids

To borrow from CoverGirl, braids are “easy, breezy, beautiful.” French, fishtail, grecian. One, two, or three if you’re adventurous! No one will know if you’ve washed out the salt water or not, and even better: when you unbraid, you’ll have those perfect, beachy waves that .2% of the population is fortunate enough to be blessed with naturally.

Have a fashionable, fabulous summer, everyone! Try to avoid the sunburn (with a big floppy hat and a chic pair of sunglasses).


Check out more by me next year. A sneak peek at what’s to come: menswear, 60 Seconds—hot or not, and a glance into my personal closet!