Phi Sigma Sigma Suspended Pending Investigation

Over Easter weekend, the Phi Sigma Sigma sorority was suspended from McDaniel’s campus and from participating as a group, pending the results of an investigation of the sorority’s alcohol policy, risk management policy, human rights policy, and possible violations of sorority-specific oaths.

On Friday, April 23, the Phi Sigma national office notified McDaniel College as well as the sorority that an inquiry was to take place regarding the potential violations.

By Easter Sunday, the sorority was told that they would be suspended until the investigation was complete.

A source from the sorority, who wished to remain anonymous, described the group as “frustrated” and “defeated.”

Christine Workman, Director of Student Engagement, explained that these steps are typical of the process that any national organization would take, and that “it would happen on any campus.”

The source disagreed with the actions, claiming that the group was being treated with a “guilty until proven innocent” mindset.

The source went on to explain that the sorority had difficulties finding out what specifically they had done wrong, and added that no policy violations had occurred.

Though the investigation is being handled by the Phi Sigma Sigma national organization, McDaniel College is providing assistance. “[The] college handled their half within 48 hours,” explained Workman and interviewed “as many women as possible.”

This information was then turned over to the organization to use. Until the suspension is lifted, Workman stated that the sorority “can’t do anything as a group.”

The Phi Sigmas have been an important part of several activities and fundraisers around campus, including Relay for Life and Up ‘Til Dawn. They were also supposed to host the Greek Awards on May 1 as well as participate in the Greek Games.

In the meantime, the sorority has been working to get back into “good graces” with Campus Safety as well as the college community in general.

“We’re hoping that the national organization will conclude their investigation as early as possible,” concluded Workman, “so that we can move forward.”